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ABAN & Kigali International Financial Centre partners to boost Entrepreneurship & increase investor awareness in Africa.

Africa Business Angels Network (ABAN), a pan-African association of angel investors, and Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC), a company dedicated to establishing Rwanda as a leading financial destination in Africa, have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate and advance their respective initiatives across the continent.

The agreement, which marks a significant milestone for the African investment landscape, sets the stage for ABAN and KIFC to leverage their collective expertise and resources. By pooling their strengths, the organizations aim to unlock untapped potential, foster entrepreneurial growth, and catalyze economic development across Africa.

The collaboration between the two firms aims to drive entrepreneurship, increase investor awareness and develop a conducive investment environment in Africa. According to the MoU, ABAN and KIFC will engage in collaborative promotion and collaboration to drive investor awareness and facilitate access to investment opportunities.

With the partnership ABAN will use its extensive network of angel investors and KIFC’s expertise in driving Rwanda’s investment environment through the Kigali International Finance Center (KIFC).

“The collaboration between ABAN and KIFC represents an important milestone for African entrepreneurship,” said Fadila Tchoumba, Secretary General of ABAN. “By combining our resources and networks, we aim to establish a robust platform that supports early-stage investments and accelerates the growth of African startups.”

ABAN, founded in 2015, serves as a leading network of angel investors focused on Africa, covering over 35 African countries and the diaspora. The organization is dedicated to market education on angel investing and the development of the early stage investing ecosystem across the continent. KIFC, which is headquartered in Rwanda, is actively working to position the country as a leading financial center in Africa, attracting investment and accelerating economic development.

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As per the terms and obligations outlined in the MoU. KIFC will be tasked with the responsibilities of facilitating interaction with ecosystem regulators, suggest administrators for ABAN and its member networks when establishing entities in Rwanda, and help qualified investors obtain investment certificates.

On the other side, ABAN will encourage the members of its network to make their investments through KIFC in exchange for delivering training sessions on early-stage investment to the KIFC ecosystem’s participants.

The MoU signing represents a moment of great significance, underscoring the collective determination of ABAN and KIFC to harness the transformative power of angel investing and financial initiatives in Africa. As the partnership unfolds, it is expected to unlock immense opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders, ultimately driving sustainable growth and shaping a brighter future for the African business landscape.

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