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APA Insurance Partners with Hollard Health to Launch International Medical Cover.

APA Insurance, in partnership with South Africa’s Hollard Health, has introduced a comprehensive digital health Insurance Product called APA Hollard Health. This scheme, available via the HealthMove wellness app, targets both households and corporates, offering five extensive coverage plans for regions including Africa, India, Europe, and worldwide.

‘‘Depending on the chosen plan, coverage areas include Africa, India Europe and Worldwide, with five comprehensive plans to select from. The health insurance solution aims to enhance the quality of healthcare by integrating wellness incentives that reduce healthcare costs and improve overall health,’’ APA Insurance and Hollard Health stated in a joint announcement following the scheme’s launch in Nairobi.

The app enhances healthcare accessibility through telehealth features, allowing remote consultations with doctors and second opinions. The initiative aims to promote healthier lifestyles, reduce healthcare costs, and improve overall health outcomes.

This partnership follows Hollard’s acquisition of a 20% stake in Apollo Investments Limited, APA’s parent company.

“The primary aim is to encourage healthier living among members, which in turn reduces healthcare costs and improves overall health outcomes,” said Ashok Shah, Group CEO of Apollo Investments Limited. “With APA and Hollard Health’s combined expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are setting a new standard for healthcare coverage in the region.”

In many African countries, access to decent health care is a daily struggle for the sick, due to seriously underfunded national health systems and a serious shortage of health care workers.

In the few African countries where national medical insurance schemes exist, they serve only a minority, according to WHO. In Ghana, WHO says, only a third of the population receives medical.

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Tobe Hope, Hollard Health’s, Chief Executive, said, “Because we know that Africa’s demands are unique, we are committed to helping the continent thrive by offering the right cost-effective health insurance for its diverse needs.

“The HealthMov app is so intuitive, it can scan facial features and movement to measure heart rate, breathe rate, stress level and BMI.  This information is then collated to give feedback, suggestions and rewards.  Members have a virtual doctor, personal trainer, health coach and mentor in their pockets,” added Hope.


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