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Shukran SACCO Empowers Waiters in Restaurants to Transform Tips into Saving.

A new initiative in the service industry is revolutionizing the way service workers handle their hard-earned tips. Shukran Sacco, has introduced an innovative method to convert tips into instant savings, with the objective of enhancing the savings mindset among employees in Kenya’s expansive service sector.

In a bid to promote financial stability and encourage savings among restaurant staff, Shukran SACCO a community-based SACCO have implemented a groundbreaking program that enables waiters to transform their tips into personal savings.

Through this novel platform, restaurant workers will have the ability to save their tips, thereby gaining access to loan opportunities. This initiative aims to encourage financial stability and empower workers by offering them additional avenues for growth and financial support.

Shukran SACCO is a community-based SACCO on a mission to empower service workers in Kenya to earn a better living by giving them a chance to save and get low-interest loans to support their development.

Under this innovative scheme, waiters have the opportunity to deposit a portion or the entirety of their tips into designated savings accounts.

Once tipped, the tips go straight into individual Shukran Sacco account where they can grow and serve them later in the future. This not only empowers individuals to take control of their financial future but also fosters a culture of financial responsibility within the service workers.

Traditionally, tips have been seen as supplemental income that waiters often rely on for immediate needs. However, this forward-thinking approach aims to cultivate a long-term savings mindset, allowing waiters to build a safety net or work towards their personal financial goals.

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By offering the option to save their tips, this initiative helps break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and provides a pathway to greater financial security.

Waiters can easily open savings accounts and track their progress through user-friendly mobile applications or dedicated online portals. This user-centric approach ensures accessibility and convenience for all participants.

To register, one need to will fill in a digital registration form or download and fill in a registration form, pay a registration fee of 500 and upload the complete membership/ registration form with a copy of their ID, KRA certificate and recent photo and start saving with Shukran SACCO.

By promoting financial literacy and encouraging saving habits, the program cultivates a motivated and financially aware workforce.


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