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Jumia Unveils Ambitious Growth Strategy, Sets Sights on Rural Areas to Expand Market Reach.

Africa’s leading e-commerce platform Jumia has released a comprehensive report titled “Expanding E-Commerce in Rural Areas in Ivory Coast,” showcasing its remarkable progress in tapping into previously underserved regions and revolutionizing e-commerce accessibility for rural populations.

This report utilizes Jumia’s non-financial data from 2022 and offers valuable insights regarding the company’s approach to expanding its operations in rural communities within Ivory Coast.

With over 181 Pick-Up Stations (PUS) spread across 107 towns, including remote areas, Jumia has effectively established a nationwide physical presence. Through this strategic approach, Jumia has successfully provided a comprehensive shopping solution and addressed the requirements of rural consumers.

By collaborating with local logistics partners, the company has achieved streamlined supply chain operations, allowing them to meet the varied demands of these underserved markets.

The report emphasizes the significant contribution of JForce, a network consisting of 40,000 autonomous sales consultants, in educating consumers about Jumia’s products and generating awareness through local and offline marketing channels.

The efforts of JForce have proven instrumental in introducing e-commerce to rural communities, thereby facilitating growth and enhancing brand adoption.

“We are committed to promoting economic progress and improving people’s lives, as demonstrated by our efforts to expand e-commerce in secondary cities and rural areas of Ivory Coast.

At Jumia, we are incredibly proud of our role in closing the digital divide and empowering communities by providing them with convenient access to a wide range of products and services through our online platform,” said Francis Dufay, CEO of Jumia.

Jumia’s online marketplace in Ivory Coast has proven to be highly beneficial for rural consumers, offering them a wide range of affordable products. An impressive 90% of these consumers have reported significant savings on their purchases, thanks to Jumia’s extensive selection.

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Moreover, an encouraging 71% of rural consumers express their intention to reorder from Jumia in the future, highlighting the platform’s reliability and value.

With its focus on expanding e-commerce in rural Ivory Coast, Jumia is reinforcing its mission of utilizing technology to enhance the daily lives of people in Africa.

As Jumia commemorates its 11th Anniversary, the report emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable growth, empowering communities, generating employment opportunities, and bridging inequality gaps across the continent.

By extending its e-commerce presence into rural areas of Ivory Coast, Jumia is actively working towards improving access to goods and services for individuals residing in remote locations, thereby uplifting their quality of life.

Through this strategic initiative, Jumia envisions a future where technology-driven solutions transcend urban boundaries, creating opportunities and leveling the playing field for all Africans.

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