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Lessons we can learn from a 19-year-old teenager who saved up enough to buy herself a house while working at McDonalds without the help of her parents

Madison Pickering, a 19 years old teenager overcame all odds and bought herself a home.

When she fronted up to buy herself a house, real estate agents and bank managers thought she was joking. But Pickering proved them all wrong.

Her dream of owning a home began way back when she was 11 years old. While growing up, the youngster could save the little pocket money she could manage.

The moment she turned 14years; a legal age limit that could allow her to work, Miss Pickering started working at McDonald.

She was so committed to buying a house, even after working for a while at Macdonald and completing her high school studies, Miss Pickering took a fulltime job as an online media manager to enable her to bring in extra cash.

According to her mother, when the youngster turned 18 years old, she even became more serious about her goals and tried to get a home loan.

But her attempts to get financial approval were denied. To overcome that obstacle, Miss Pickering kept on saving and trying her luck again. 

On her second attempt, she managed to get an offer of a $300,000 house and land package.

To improve her chances of buying herself a home, Pickering took advantage of some generous government schemes designed to entice first home buyers.

She managed to get a Queensland grant of $ 15,000 and a federal government’s $ 25,000 building incentive brought in to boost the construction sector during the covid 19 crisis.

Despite her achievements many people still don’t believe her. Every one she has spoken to still believe that her parents helped her by giving her money.

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But she still holds that her parents didn’t give her any coin, she just did it by herself through hard work and dedication.

Lessons we can learn.

Owning a home is an indispensable part of many individual dreams.

These days, buying a house has become a complicated process. There is all this bad information; everything on the internet is not true.

Buying a house is an emotional process. Most people always get excited. When you become emotional, at some point you end up paying too much.

People who are considering buying a house for the first time; mostly, they tend to face difficulties coming up with a down payment.

The youngster – Miss Madison Pickering can teach us one or two things about buying a house

Have a dream

In your life, you need to develop a vision for the things you want to achieve – having a mental picture of the result you want to achieve.

At a younger age of 11 years, Miss Pickering had already had dreams of becoming a homeowner.

The picture should be so clear and strong, these forces will help you make that result real.

Miss Pickering had a strong v

ision of buying herself a house, she saved and even took a second job as an online media manager to make extra cash in order to enable her to buy herself a dream house.

In your life, having a clear goal is excellently essential. It is an extraordinarily powerful tool to achieve the results you want.


Start as soon as you get the idea

For most people, ideas come as a flash of inspiration, and if you look into the number of steps involved it seems daunting.

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You have to use all the resources and tools readily available when inspiration strikes.

Miss Pickering started to work on his dreams immediately she realized it. She did not wait until she got all the resources.

At the age of 11-year-old when she got the dream, Miss Pickering started to save the little money she could spare.

At 14 years, the youngster started to work at McDonald to increase her cash inflow

With that said, it’s helpful to have a guide and a set of instructions to follow that can help you get started.

Utilize other means cheaply available

One of the most important traits possessed by successful people – Miss Pickering being one of them is being resourceful.

Miss Pickering had no money when she first conceived the idea of buying a house, she was at one point denied her first attempt to acquire a home loan.

The youngster did not fold. Instead, she reapplied for the second time and also used the other cheap means available from the government.

To improve her chances of buying herself a home, Pickering took advantage of some generous government schemes designed to entice first home buyers.

Resourcefulness is a mindset, when the goal you are trying to achieve is difficult or you cannot envision a clear roadmap to get to where you desire to go, then, being resourceful is very relevant.

It drives you to find a way.

Believe in yourself don’t listen to outside naysayers

To achieve your dreams, you first need to have faith in your own capabilities.

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When you believe in yourself, you will overcome self-doubt and develop the confidence to take action and get things done.

When Miss Pickering fronted up to buy herself a house, real estate agents and bank managers did not believe her, they thought she was joking. But Pickering proved them all wrong.

If the youngster could have got broken by the rejection and abandoned the goal, she could not have achieved her dream.

Do not allow external circumstances to determine when or how you take action. If you don’t overcome the obstacles, you will always settle for less.

To succeed at everything, you need to hold the mindset that there is a workable solution for every problem.

Look at the goal in front of you and optimize what you have to work with. 

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