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New Survey Reveals Younger Adults Twice as Likely to Depend on AI for Financial Advice Than Older Generations.

The ongoing surge in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has revealed a striking generational divide in the financial sector, as a recent survey indicates that younger adults are twice as likely as their older counterparts to turn to AI for valuable financial advice.

In a recent survey conducted by Yahoo Finance and Ipsos, 1,276 Americans were asked about their likelihood of utilizing an AI-powered financial advisor. The results revealed that among Gen Z adults, 20% expressed their inclination to use such a service to some extent. This figure stood in contrast to the responses from Baby Boomers and older individuals, where only 9% indicated a similar level of interest.

Furthermore, the survey found that 18% of millennial investors and 17% of Gen X investors expressed their likelihood of using an AI financial advisor. These results suggest that while there is notable interest across different age groups, Gen Z adults show a comparatively higher willingness to explore AI-powered financial advisory services.

The findings indicate that although younger adults constitute a relatively small proportion, they are progressively adopting AI as a trustworthy instrument for their financial needs.

The survey is conducted in the midst of a rapidly evolving trend where numerous companies are actively pursuing the development of generative AI chatbots to enhance their consumer-oriented services.

An example of this is JPMorgan Chase, which has sought to trademark an AI investment advisory product resembling ChatGPT. This product aims to offer customers investment advice.

While some financial advisors’ express concerns about the potential risks associated with AI and its potential to replace their work, others have already embraced AI in their daily operations. They utilize AI for various purposes such as marketing, client communications, and tax planning.

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In a survey conducted by Ipsos, it was found that adults across different age groups exhibited similar levels of trust in banks such as Chase and Wells Fargo when it comes to the development of financial AI. Approximately 23% of the participants expressed a moderate level of trust or stated that they trust these banks to a great extent.

The survey revealed that younger adults exhibited more nuanced attitudes towards AI compared to other age groups. One notable finding was that while no generation expressed a high level of trust in AI to provide financial advice, Gen Z demonstrated a relatively higher level of trust in AI compared to other generations, albeit at a modest level. However, both Gen Z and millennials were also more inclined to express concerns about AI’s potential for generating inaccurate information.

A similar trend was observed regarding trust in financial brokers like JPMorgan and Fidelity when it comes to developing financial AI.

Young adults exhibited a slightly higher level of trust compared to older adults when it came to financial news websites, with 14% of young adults expressing trust compared to 12% of older adults. Additionally, young adults reported higher levels of trust in financial services websites such as Bankrate.

Furthermore, 18% of young adults expressed trust in big tech companies to develop financial artificial intelligence (AI), whereas only 11% of individuals aged 50 and older shared the same level of trust.

However, cautionary voices have emerged in response to this trend. Skeptics argue that while AI can offer valuable insights and streamline decision-making processes, it should not replace the expertise and experience of human financial advisors entirely. They stress the importance of maintaining a balanced approach, where human judgment and oversight complement the power of AI-driven tools.

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As the AI boom continues to reshape industries worldwide, particularly the financial sector, understanding the evolving dynamics between humans and machines becomes crucial.

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