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Old Mutual Investment Group launches a new Private Wealth Management service tailor made for High-Net-Worth Individuals.

Old Mutual Kenya launches Private Wealth Management Service for High-Net-Worth individuals seeking a tailor made and highly personalized investment service.

The service will offer a convenient and efficient access to both local and international financial securities delivered via an actively managed investment portfolio under a custodial environment.

It will comprise a preferred mix of assets and securities such as local fixed income securities, euro bonds, local listed equities, and offshore mutual funds.

In an event organized by the group, Managing Director for East Africa, Anthony Mwithiga introduced the new Private Wealth Management service to the public.

“Over the years, we have consistently delivered competitive and steady long-term returns for our clients of varying risk appetite, while being responsible stewards of their savings and investments. This is a tribute to our proven research-based investment processes, good governance & accountability, and investment in our human capital.

With this experience and wealth of knowledge, we believe we can guide our clients through their cycle of wealth creation and management.” Said Anthony Mwithiga Speaking during the launch.

The service will admit those individuals with investable funds of at least Sh10 million. The solution is aimed at hand holding clients as they seek to grow, leverage, protect and transfer wealth.

The Sh10 Million minimum investment amount can also be influenced by the chosen investment portfolio option and the desired degree of diversification.

 The Private Wealth Management service will be availed via an option of 3 customized investment portfolios namely;

Conservative Portfolio

Moderate Portfolio

Aggressive Portfolio

The Conservative Portfolio option is meant for investors seeking high levels of liquidity and minimum or no value volatility of invested funds.

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It will comprise a wide blend of interest-bearing securities or assets such as treasury bills, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, bank deposits, and money market funds.

The Moderative Portfolio option is meant for those investors seeking a middle ground between low and high levels of liquidity and volatility of returns.

It will comprise a preferred mix of assets and securities such as local fixed income securities, euro bonds, local listed equities/shares, and offshore mutual funds.

While the Aggressive Portfolio option will serve investors who are able to tolerate higher levels of risk, low levels of liquidity, and high volatility of returns.

This will comprise their preferred mix of select assets or securities such as structured debt securities, local listed equities & derivatives, offshore equity mutual funds & ETFs, private equity funds & unlisted stocks, and venture capture funds & start-ups.

Speaking during the launch Mr. Anthony Mwithiga Said “The offering targets any investor with existing investments in financial securities and now needs them to be actively managed in a collective pot.”

The service was initially only available to corporate clients but has now been opened to individuals who are able to commit the minimum capital in any currency.


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