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Young people are turning to Investing to achieve Financial Goals, a study by Lloyds Bank finds.

A recent study conducted by Lloyds Bank sheds light on the increasing trend of young adults turning to investing as a means to attain their financial goals. The research particularly focuses on Generation Z, encompassing individuals born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, revealing insights into their investment motivations, goals, and challenges.

Key Findings:

According to the study, a significant portion of 18-25-year-olds are venturing into investing, with 36% of current investors and 35% of potential investors citing their primary goal as purchasing their first home. This aspiration ranks as the top investment objective among Gen Z, indicating a desire for long-term financial stability and property ownership.

Beyond homeownership, the research uncovers diverse investment goals within this demographic, including:

  • Achieving financial security
  • Saving for leisure activities such as holidays
  • Increasing wealth
  • Planning for retirement

Moreover, the study identifies key life events triggering young adults’ entry into the investment landscape. Foremost among these is the aspiration to enter the property market, followed by embarking on a career, completing higher education, marriage, and starting a family.

Demographic Insights:

The research reveals notable demographic trends among young investors, with 42% being new entrants to the investment realm, having initiated their investment journey within the past year. Additionally, the study underscores a significant female presence in this cohort, with 52% of young investors being female compared to 37% male.

Barriers and Perceptions:

Despite the growing interest in investing, the study identifies perception as a primary barrier for Gen Z. Concerns regarding the perceived costs associated with investing deter 67% of young investors, while 34% cite insufficient knowledge as a deterrent factor.

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Educational Imperative:

Recognizing the importance of addressing these barriers, Manuel Pardavila-Gonzalez, Managing Director at Lloyds Bank Investments, emphasizes the need for enhanced educational efforts. Bridging the knowledge gap is highlighted as pivotal in empowering young individuals to commence their investment journey effectively.

Parental Influence and Support:

Furthermore, the study underscores the influential role of parents in shaping young adults’ financial behaviors. While friends and family serve as a source of inspiration for investment endeavors, parents emerge as the primary financial role models for this demographic. With 42% of respondents turning to their parents for financial guidance, the study emphasizes the significance of familial conversations surrounding money management and future financial planning.


As the landscape of financial management evolves, the increasing inclination towards investment among young adults underscores a shift towards proactive wealth-building strategies. By addressing perceptions, providing educational resources, and fostering familial discussions on financial literacy, stakeholders can empower the next generation to navigate the intricacies of investment and achieve their long-term financial aspirations.

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